Industrial Light Beam (ILB PNG)

We are the licensee and the sole distributor and manufacturer of the Industrial Light Beams (ILB) in Papua New Guinea. We also manufacture a wide range of structural steel and metal work components for building projects within Papua New Guinea.

ILB steel building system is a result of many years of practical experience of Mr. Ian Berryman in the shed building industry bed in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. The Concept was borne out of necessity to achieve a much improved and wider clear span structural beam to replace the standard universal beam type with the following advantages;

  • Reduces the weight by 160%, weight causes problem in fabrication, handling, transport, as well as erection handling
  • Web stiffness, this overcomes the lateral twisting as commonly needs restraining braces and stiffeners in a standard universal beams
Industrial Light Beam became the major advance in steel building technology, used primarily in large clear span structures, the beams offers dramatically reduced the weight, increased strength to reduce lateral twisting and torsional bending.
The strength and design flexibility of an ILB building lies in the unique patented framing system, it is made to order for each project, comprising of RHS/SHS chords (Flanges) framing the revolutionary web. The ILB can be easily and effectively curved, adding to the systems’ bold design capabilities.

The subsequent world-wide patent has led to a massive increase in sales with production facilities currently in Orange NSW, Australia, Denver Colorado, USA and Cape Town, South Africa. Extensive market research studies have been commissioned to investigate the feasibility of plants in other part of the world.
L&A ILB (PNG) LTD has been producing and building warehouse, churches and homes in Papua New Guinea since 1999. Our Workshop plant can produce from 300LB15 size ILB to as large as 1200LB61. The plant also produces all types of steel fabrications such as UC & SHS columns, UB beams and rafters, steel trusses, stair stringers, stairs and handrails, swing and sliding gates, security door / window grills, truck trays, gratings, power pole and house post and other steel products.
L&A ILB (PNG) LTD also offers an onsite delivery, and steel erection/installations works.
For supporting information on technical details and ideas please refer to ILB Australian Website;

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